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5 things you should know about VLONE

Now that VLONE of A$AP Mob is very popular, the brand was created by rappers ASAP Rocky and ASAP Mob, in collaboration with CLOT’s Edison Chen. It’s time for us to know more about this hottest brand of the moment, after some pop-up stores around the world and a big collaboration with OFF-WHITE.

After seven months since their debut collection, A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky have an interview with Highsnobiety about the situation of their brand. The concept seems to concern Orson Welles’ famous quote “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone”, a thought that usually appears in the two rappers’ words while they talk about Harlem, their career and, above all, the meaning of VLONE. 

So, here we bring you 5 things you should know about the streetwear brand:

1. Vlone means Live alone and Die alone

It’s Rocky who gave the definitive meaning of the brand, refusing all kinds of stereotypes of the fashion establishment and looking at it not just as a clothing line, but a real lifestyle, which can be shortened by the mantra: “Live alone, die alone”. The rapper also wants to emphasize that VLONE is like a collective, a team where on the top we can find A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky and CLOT’s Edison Chen, but without a rigid command structure. “We’re all a team. Nobody really has too much of an “official” position” said Rocky.

2. The T-shirt with text “Friends

VLONE Friends Print T-Shirt - Limited Edition || Vlone Ltd

Bari reveals the special meaning of the T-shirts with the Friends minus writings on them: “If you minus anything it’s “zero.” Minus life, Minus style, Minus food, anything you put a minus to, you end up with zero. So the T-shirt has a meaning behind it “minus friends’ ‘ means “zero friends”. So, like an obsession, the idea behind the brand “Live alone, die alone” returns again and again.

3. Inspiration

VLONE is not just a clothing brand, but a lifestyle and a feeling to share. For this reason, the first source of inspiration during the creative process is just the rapper’s life. “My whole clothing experience is just based on my life, you feel me? I don’t wake up and go buy the newest high fashion. I try to do things by beating around things instead of just going straight to the facts” so explains Bari.

4. The place name Harlem

The New York’s district where Bari and Rocky come from is always in the rappers’ minds. It represents their history, their culture, from which they draw inspiration and that they want to communicate to the world, as Bari says: “What I do is take Harlem and bring it elsewhere”. 

5. Vlone’s Pop-up store

Có gì trong cửa hàng pop-up của VLONE x fragment design? - SNKRVN

The two rappers are absolutely certain of the importance of pop-up stores, which are not like a fashion trend, but considered as a real medium to sell their clothes to a selected public they can relate to. In this regard, they don’t regret their decision to avoid a pop-up store in Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, to underline they don’t want to be mixed up with all the labels on the famous Californian street. “I’m not streetwear. I’m not high fashion. I’m hood fashion. I do my shit for the hood niggas” Bari ends up, confirming again that VLONE is not fashion, but it’s life.

We have shared 5 facts about Vlone, hope that you can find this information interesting.

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